Morton Ranch FFA
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President: Daniel Rodriguez

Eat what you kill and kill what you eat. Love trucks, cars, anything that goes fast. Turns out you can’t drive very well while sleeping…


Vice President: Laura Myerscough


“I’m not me when I’m hungry”… you’ll hear it more than once. I love pigs, cattle, and food. Food is the key to my heart. 



Secretary: Cheyenne Murphy

It’s just my face I promise. I don’t bite.. all the time. Whether it’s my mouth or my truck you will hear me coming before you see me.



Treasurer: Evelyn Reyes


Kinda love hashtags, like really a lot & saying “yeet” I probably spend way too much time with crazy pigs & lazy goats. #WhatEvs



Reporter: Jacob Anderson


Crazy builds character. I love playing tennis and raising livestock. I’m random and outgoing but you’ll get used to it.



Sentinel: Tyler Hamilton


You will either see me with my pigs at the barn or I’m playing video games, my life in a nutshell. Just don’t crack it. 



Jr. Advisor: Jeffrey Johnson


Sunscreen; always use sunscreen. Shade; always stay in the shade. And the Whataburger Patty Melt is the realest.



Historian: Robbyn Brown


I drive a Roush “OH wait I don’t have a license.” I cut grass for a living and can only fix things I know how to fix.








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