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Leadership Development Events

Students compete at the District, Area, State and even National level depending on the placing in twelve different contests. Contests are designed to develop student’s leadership skills in a variety of areas and challenge them on agricultural and FFA knowledge, parliamentary skills and speaking ability. LDE contests include:


*Jr. /Sr. Chapter Conducting          *Jr. /Sr. Quiz             *Jr. /Sr. Creed Speaking

*Jr. /Sr. Skills Demonstration         *Public Relations        *Agricultural Issues

* FFA Radio                                  *Job Interview       *Agriculture Advocacy

Mr. Boyce - Jr./Sr. Skills Demonstration

Ms. Bozarth - Public Relations Jr./Sr. Creed

Mr. Foehr - Jr./Sr. Chapter Conduction  Jr./Sr. Quiz

Ms. Nite - FFA Broadcasting Ag Issues

Mr. Spikes - Job Interview Ag Advocacy 

*Watch the calendar for contest dates and practices*

Letter Jacket points:
Leadership Development Events

  • Top ten individual any LDE contest 1 pt
  • Member of District Leadership Team 1 pt.
  • Member of Area Leadership Team 2 pts
  • Member of State Leadership Team 3 pts.
  • Member top 10 State LDE 5 pts.
  • National LDE 10 pts

Career Development Events

Classroom instruction is transformed into a competitive event against other FFA members in many different areas of Agriculture. 

These CDE contests, also known as Judging teams include but are not limited to,
*Livestock *Land *Poultry *Dairy Cattle *Meats *Horse *Floriculture *Dairy Foods *Nursery/Landscape *Entomology
*Farm Business Mgmt *Ag Marketing *Forage *Vet Science *Wildlife


These contests are held all over the state and throughout the year but primarily take place in the spring.  Multiple practice contests prepare the team for the Area contest in which students must qualify for the state contest and perhaps earn the opportunity to compete at the national level.

Mr. Boyce- Ag Mechanics Meats

Ms. Bozarth- Floriculture Milk Quality Public Speaking
Mr. Foehr- Livestock Poultry

Ms. Nite- Ag Marketing Dairy Cattle Forage

Mr. Spikes- Entomology Horse Vet Science

*Watch the calendar for contest dates and practices*

Letter Jacket Points:
Career Development Events

  • Member of Area CDE 1  pt.
    • Or state team no area qualifier
  • Top ten individual any Spring CDE contest 1 pt.
    • Includes district CDE speaking events 1 pt.
  • Member of State Qualifying CDE Team 3 pts
  • Member of Top Ten State CDE Team 5 pts 
  • National Contest CDE 10 pts.






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